Solution Focused Psychological Counseling

Arlene K Unger PhD Clinical PsychologistDr Arlene K Unger, PhD is an Orange County California Psychologist who provides children and adults with solution focused psychological counseling currently through telehealth (phone and/or secure video chat, as well as secure text and/or email), for a wide spectrum of clinical disorders and/or behavioral concerns. Dr Unger has many years experience in telehealth having started in 2001; she received her psychology license in 1997 and MFT in 1985.

Dr Unger blends Emotional Brain Training (EBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT) including Mindfulness-Based  Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). See Therapeutic Focus tab.

She also has extensive experience in conducting Fitness for Duty Evaluations; Employee Assistance Manager Referrals; Return-To-Work Evaluations; Substance Abuse Counseling; Adoption Evaluations, Custody Evaluations; Relationship Issues; Gastric Bypass Evaluations; ADHD Evaluations.  Dr Unger is also trained to treat military families in her office and on base, and is certified as an online disaster responder.

Dr Unger has had a busy Clinical Psychology practice for over twenty years and is currently located at The Center for Empowerment, Dana Point, CA, USA (in southern Orange County). She has also been offering online therapy (CA residents) and coaching (global) for several years which she does through a number of confidential online counseling/coaching entities, including two new counseling services that cover millions of clients.

Therapeutic Approach

Dr Unger enjoys blending her clinical expertise with her intuition and imagination. Her clients often report improvement in physical energy, mental flexibility, emotional mobility, and serenity.

See the Focus tab for more information on Dr Unger’s therapeutic focus and methods.

Licenses and Certifications

PhD in Clinical Psychology (California PSY15383); EAP (Employee Assistance Professional); CD (Chemical Dependency); SAP (Substance Abuse Professional); Domestic Violence; Neuropsychological Testing; Wellness and Health Coaching; Executive Coaching; Nutrition; Military; Disaster; EBT; ACT; CBT.

In the past, she has held licenses/certifications as a Speech Pathologist (SP), Marriage, Family and Child Counselor (MFCC), and Dance Therapist (ADTR).

Dr Unger also served as the 2012 President of Orange County Psychological Association.

Real Psych Solutions

Dr Unger, and her husband Stefan H Unger, PhD, started RealPsychSolutions in February 2009 to provide practical Self-Help materials based on professional mental health counseling and wellness/lifestyle/executive coaching and to explain the appropriate roles for self-help, coaching and counseling.  Many authors have published both free and for sale materials at the website. The website was closed in September of 2016 after serving thousands of articles to visitors.


Be sure to check out Dr Unger’s Blog page with many articles on Mindful Living and the Resources tab with links to all of her articles and publications.

Dr Unger is the author of several free Self-help articles as well as for-sale articles, including the book:

Presence of Mind – Mindful Affirmations

and four books SLEEP, CALM, HAPPY, CONFIDENT (click on link). Her two new co-authored books “How to be Content” and “How to Make Space” are available in the USA on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other sources.

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Contacting Dr Unger

Appointments: California residents–If  you want to schedule an online video or phone appointment, please refer to the Appointments page, or call the office at 1-949-240-7302, or you may request an appointment on the form below. HOWEVER, please do *NOT* send confidential information in this form! You will send this information at a later time. This form is NOT secure.

Mailing address (only):

Arlene K Unger, PhD

34145 Pacific Coast Highway #821

Dana Point, CA 92629-2808

General Inquiries: Please only send NON-CONFIDENTIAL inquiries about general topics to Dr Unger using the form below. Do NOT send confidential information. Dr Unger can not provide personal advice in reply to this email form; she may reply to general inquiries in a later blog post.

AGAIN: Please Do NOT send confidential information.