Parenting Adolescents: Part Two

All parents have a style of parenting, but some are more effective parents than others. Is your style of parenting ready for an overhaul? Below are the four most common styles.  These are somewhat idealized types (“archetypes”) that represent the corners of a map of all the possible parenting types.
Firm but Affectionate:   Consideration and flexibility are the cornerstones of this style.  These parents get down at their teen’s level to listen, to explain rules, and show them respect. The teen is included in family decisions, but the ultimate decision is made by the parents.
Easy Come – Easy Go:  These parents are very friendly, relaxed and informal in their approach.  They allow their teen to make their own decisions and to learn from their mistakes.  Rules are very few and far between.
Strict and Unyielding:  These parents make rules that are to be followed and not broken.  Punishment is believed to keep teens in line. Negotiation is not an option and their teen’s opinion is neither solicited nor encouraged.  Rewarding good behavior is rare.

Out of Sight and Mind:  The parent-teen bond is usually broken or nonexistent. Children are better off being scarce and know from the get-go that they are in the way. There is virtually no meaningful dialogue between the teen and their emotionally disconnected parent.

In our next post, we’ll discuss guidelines as to what teen behaviors to expect from each parenting style.