Mindfulness and Finding Life Balance – Part 5 – Mindful Practice

Raising Your Life Balance Through Mindful Practice

Our attitudes shape the way we fit in, interact and see the world.

The good news is that we can change our attitudes by adopting the capacity to be open to, or better yet, “Mindful” of our experiences.

We can arrive at a more Mindful existence when we:

  1. Learn patience
  2. Stop denying and start accepting
  3. Express ourselves with feelings and logic
  4. Have and show compassion
  5. Experience instead of force outcomes
  6. Observe rather than criticize
  7. Look for possibilities and not problems
  8. Trust the process

As we have used the term (mindfulaffirmations.com), Mindfulness does not mean a mystical tuning-out; it can be a coping mechanism for dealing with reality on a day-to-day basis by really tuning-in.

The key to staying Mindful is paying close attention, knowing our intentions and cultivating our curiosities about life. Basically we are exercising Mindfulness each time we attempt to raise our awareness or consciousness of reality.

Most of us operate from our lower consciousness by doing just what is required of us. Our higher consciousness is what enables our passion, keeps us motivated and creative.  Illness, stress, and fatigue have a way of gnawing away at our ability to stay present and use our higher consciousness.

There are questions, however, we can ask ourselves as the first step toward raising our awareness and regaining life balance.

In the last two weeks have you:

       Taken a walk just because you felt like it?
Appreciating and connecting with the great outdoors can support a sense of being at one with nature.

       Made time for true friends?
Spending time with close friends who accept you for you are moments to cherish.  These times can foster a sense of wellbeing especially when they are habituated.

       Spoken your truth with respect?
Being true to yourself and others can lead to greater compassion.

       Emptied your mind of all your “want to do’s”, “should do’s”, and “have to do’s”?
Meditating can renew your energy and give you inner peace.

       Taken the initiative to learn more about a subject that caught your interest?
Pursuing intellectual interests can expand our awareness.

       Done some form of exercise that got your heart pumping?
Exercising is not only fun but helps restore healthy neurotransmission.

       ­­Made any health related decisions?
Being decisive is not only a way to empower yourself but to gain greater self-control.

       Sought out a way to solve a problem or help another in need?
Finding your life purpose is the way toward sustained inner happiness.

       Tried something new or thought of something in a different way?
Keeping an open mind can lead to more energy and enlightenment.

       Treated yourself and others with the utmost respect?
Acting with consideration supports self-love and mutual trust.

       ­Did something at the spur of the moment?
Leading a more flexible life can open us up to more enriching possibilities.

       Apologized and practiced forgiving yourself or others?
Holding on to negative feelings only stunts are emotional growth and lowers our awareness.

       Expressed gratitude?
Being complimentary as well as thankful is contagious and self-satisfying.  

       Challenged your old belief system?
Changing the way you act, feel or think can lead to positive self-enhancement.

       Sought out positive people?
Being around people who can lift your spirits can be so helpful when we’re feeling down.

We become more conscious as human beings when we inject these Mindful activities into our lives. Living either a very undisciplined or overly-structured lifestyle can be overwhelming and can lead to a lack of self-fulfillment.

By taking the time to appreciate what is inside us and around us, we can cultivate more emotional stamina and raise our awareness.